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The Olympics have come and gone and i am missing it already. I am an ardent follower of the Olympics and I have been following the Olympics since Barcelona 94 and there are games I look forward to seeing every four years. I follow the swimming competitions, gymnastics and athletics. I also look at the different dresses worn by the competitors and I compare them country by countries. I always love the dresses worn by countries like the USA. They always know how to combine white, red and blue colors. Romania….the colors of blue yellow and red. British virgin islands, Brazil and the likes and I learn a great deal on color combination from the Olympics.

sports women 2,sports women 3
Most importantly I look forward to the dress styles of the athletes. By this I mean the T shirts and shorts or the full dresses wrestlers or weight lifters wear. I enjoy jogging on Saturdays and I make sure I look good on my T shirt and shorts or top and leggings when i hit the gym. Of course I never forget to complete with a pair of white canvas but I get something close to what I most admired from the Olympics and I spice it up with my unique color picks. The leggings below is a dress I love, I would spice it up with a nice bra top and when I go out jogging, I always want to look fabulous. Fabulous sports leggings shopping below.

workout clothes,

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